Often it is possible to gain many Account customers in your database. FieldInsight makes it easy to search for them when they call and add in a job to a site you have been to before.

Here's how.

In the Schedule, pick the time you want to schedule the job. Drag the yellow box to the desired day and time slot, and the tech you want to assign the job to. Hit the yellow box to open the account customer details.

In the Account customer section at the top of the page, type the customer name in the search box and FieldInsight will automatically narrow down the list.

Or, hit the arrow on the right to manually search for the account customer. Select the account customer record from the dropdown list.

Now, select the site or add in a new site. Just hit the arrow on the right and choose the site from the dropdown list. FieldInsight will automatically remember the sites assigned to this account customer from the previous jobs.

You are now able to update any details e.g. contact name or address, and continue to book in your job as per the customers call or P/O.

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