This document is to teach you about the Account customer, what it is and when to use it.

Firstly it is important to know that FieldInsight uses 2 types of customer hierarchy

Account customer

Site Customer

So what is an Account customer?

A account customer can be classified as

1) The Account you are going to bill for works done at several sites

Important: All jobs must also have a site, You can't schedule a job without a site, if you send the invoice to the same location where you do the job, it might be easier to use site customers only.

For example if you do commercial work you may look after a building but send the bill to the property manager. Where you send the bill is the account customer.

You may also look after multiple sites for the account customer but send a consolidated invoice at the end of the month.

There is no limit to the amount of sites customers you can add to your account customer.

How to add an account customer

There are a few ways you can add in an account customer for the first time.

First just to create a record. Just put in the details for future works but not actually create a job at the same time.

Type in the name of the account customer and click Next

The second is when you are going to add the customer in at time you are going to add a job. Here you would need to add an account customer ( the person you are going to bill for works preformed), as well as the site that you are going to do the job. .

The final step is to add in the site customers details to where you will be gone to do the job

You are done you have successfully added in a new Account Customer and Site Customer ready to book in your job. Continue to book in your job as normal.

If you have not added a job as of yet you can learn to do that in this document.

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