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What is a site customer?

Learn what a site customer is and how to add one

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This document is to teach you about the site customer, what it is and when to use it.

Firstly it is important to know that FieldInsight uses 2 types of customer hierarchy:

  1. Account customer

  2. Site Customer

What is an Account customer?

  • The Account you are going to charge for work completed at several sites.

What is a Site customer?

  • The location where you go to perform the work and the person you charge for the services rendered.

How to add a site customer:

There are a few ways you can add in a site customer for the first time. The first is right onto their calendar when you book a job for them.

Hover your mouse over the day and time you wish to add the work for the new customers and click.

Next, enter the Site details. While it’s not recommended, it’s good to know that the only required information when creating a site is the First name, Mobile number and the address and Site Notes if needed.

It is important to know that the minimum detail to add when adding in a site customer are First Name, Mobile and Address.

You can now create your job and book it into your calendar. If you have not created a job yet, you can view our help document on how to do this.

The second way to add a site customer is what you would do if you wanted to add in the site customer, but not create a job at the same time.

  1. Click Accounts then Site ( Customers)

2. Click + Add Customer

Then click Save Customer

Your new customer has been added to your site customer records

If you accidentally create two customers at the same site. You can merge them into one record.

Make site customer inactive

To make a site customer inactive click on the Delete button

This will hide the site customer when adding a new job and from the site customer list. They will still appear on existing jobs and sales document

To restore a deleted site customer click on the Deleted sites link on the right hand side on the site customer list page

Search for the site customer and click the down arrow and select Restore

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