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Add multiple techs to your job
Add multiple techs to your job

Some jobs need more than one tech. Add multiple staff to any of your jobs when you schedule it, or later on when you know the requirements

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Depending on how you run your schedule there are a few different ways you can add multiple staff to your jobs.

Note: In order to add a job to your schedule you do need to allocate at least one tech. If you don't know who is going to be on the job, you may choose to add the job to unscheduled and allocate staff at a later date.

1) When you take the booking

If the job is going to be in the next short while, many people allocate staff straight away once the job comes in.

Select on the schedule the time and date you are going to book the job into.

This job is going to Michael Taylor at 8am Wednesday the 28th. But I am also going to send Paul as well.

Click on the schedule to open up the job.

Because I selected a time and date on Michael's calendar he automatically is added to the job.

To add Paul click on the Technicians field and select Paul.

The colours are explained. Red - Andrew is already out on a job. The red is a warning that if you book Andrew you will need to re look at your schedule.

Green - All of these staff members are available to go out on this job.

If you use our Advanced staff profiles if a staff member is not qualified to do that job type they will also appear in Red even if they don't have a job booked.


The job is booked now in Michael and Paul's schedules

2) When you confirm the job via the job box

Another way to allocate staff is to book a tentative job a few weeks in advance. You still need to allocate a staff member to have it appear in the schedule, but as the job is not confirmed it can easily be moved, changed and staff added.

This job is in tentative for next week

I have just got off the phone and confirmed the job with the customer. I can click into the job and add the staff like we learned above, or I can use the compressed job box like this.

Hover over the job with your mouse until you see the yellow compressed job box. This box enables you to make basic changes to the job without actually opening the job up.

Click on the Technician field and select the Staff you are going to allocate. I am selecting Andrew and Redmond for this job as my trades men and Todd is the apprentice.

Next up date your status ( to learn how to customise your job statuses you can click HERE)

The job is now in Andrew, Paul and Todd's Calendar.

3) When you move the job from unscheduled to scheduled/tentative

You follow the same two steps as above

Use the compressed job box

Or open the job and select the staff

That is how you add multiple staff to your jobs.

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