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How much revenue do your techs generate?
How much revenue do your techs generate?

Want to run incentives for your techs? or see who might not be pulling there weight? If you use SalesINSIGHT you can do just that.

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KPI tracking is an important element for any field service business.

KPI's help you understand where your business is at and can help raise any red flags early when it is much easier to rectify the problem.

Knowing what your techs invoice is an important KIP to keep track of.

You might want to run incentives or an up sell promotion for extra $$$ bonuses. Then compare the sales from the same point in time last year to see if it made an impact.

Or it could be that you know a staff member is not preforming as well as they could be and you just want to monitor the situation.

If you are using the SalesINSIGHT module. We have standard report that allows you to view invoice totals per technician.

Let's take a look at it.

The standard view is all the invoices for the current month. The Invoice amount for a job is split over the technicians that worked on that job. For example if you invoice $3000 for a job and you had 3 technicians working on that job, the table will show $1000 for each technician.

You can change the view by selecting on any of the following

This month can also be the following

Date range is handy if you want to see the last 3 months or 6 months or just over the summer period f

Drill down even further by looking at the invoice status

You can even see a detailed report by each Tech

The report has quite a lot of detailed information.

eg The total amount the tech has invoiced, how many jobs they have done in that time period, the amount owing or what has been paid and how much margin the business is making.

This information can now be used for your KPI tracking.

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