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Login Credential Warnings

Did you get a warning to change your password when trying to log on to FieldInsight?

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It has been reported that some customers are seeing warnings when accessing

the FieldInsight application.

The warning are to let you know that there is a potential issue with the username and password you are using. It is not about the security of FieldInsight.

There may be more reasons, but the two things we know this could be telling you is that:

1. The login details you are using are not secure. They have been exposed by a security breach on another site.

2. The password you are using is really poor and easy to guess.

An example from Chrome

An example from an iPhone

If you are logging in with a plain name like ‘Jess’ you are at less risk as plain names are much less unique and breach records can’t differentiate one Jess from another.

If you are using an email address and you have not changed your password in a while we strongly recommend that you do.

We also recommend checking you email address has not been exposed in a data breach using a site such as this one:

We recommend that you use a password longer than 8 characters containing a mixture of upper, lower and punctuation symbols.

We also recommend that the password you use on our site is not used anywhere else. A simple way to make a good password is to take three or four words and randomly punctuate them.

Here are a few examples, please don’t use any of them, but think of your own that follow this sort of pattern and you will have a long memorable password.

Avoid any personally identifiable material though.





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