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Track service time for Assets

Add service time to assets in the field to track how much time your technicians spend on each asset, then create a report from the office

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You can now track the time spent on each asset by logging hours to assets in the field. When your techs are working on an assert in the field, you can log the hours using the start stop timer on the asset.

Then you can download a report back at the office to track the time spent on each asset. No setup required, just start logging the time using the start stop button in the field.

Add service time to an asset in the field (Technician)

Open the Asset by scanning the QR code or from the job. Click the start Start service button to start the timer.

When work on the asset is complete, click the Finish Service button to log the service hours to the asset. Please note this does not affect the time-sheet for the job.

Download a Service hours report (Scheduler)

On the Asset page

Click on Service Hours Report

In the popup, select the site and date range then click download to create the Service hours report

Track service hours on Asset - monthly or annually

Schedulers can also view and edit the service time for an asset on the Asset page. This is a great way to track the hour spent servicing an asset.

And can help in the conversations with your customer about replacement of assets that are needing to much work.

Open the asset

Scroll down, click on the Service Hours tab to check the service hours for this asset


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