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How to change the job types to be relevant to your business
How to change the job types to be relevant to your business

Your account comes with some default job types based on trades and services businesses. Not what you do? No problem, let's change them.

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FieldInsight is fully customizable to your business whether you are a sole operator, dog groomer or you run a large commercial HVAC business.

Part of your initial setup is to make sure the job types are relevant to your business workflow. Now, let's do that.

  1. Hit that little gear in the upper right corner of your screen, and choose Settings from the dropdown menu.

2. On the Settings page, hit Job details from the horizontal menu. In the Job Types section, click on the red x sign to remove the non wanted job types from the list.

3. Now you can type in your specific Job Types. There are many ways to do that:

a) Just type the name of your job in the box. Hit Enter on your keyboard, or click that little green +Add button.

b) First hit that +Add button to add your job type

c) Double click the job type you wish to remove from the list, to change the name

Edit window will appear. When you enter your new job type, choose the color for the job so it can stand out on a job list. Hit Save.

Also note: You can sort the job types alphabetically.

Move them up or down the list with the green arrows.

Remember you can easily remove or replace the job

Delete by clicking that red x sign next to the job.

Replace by double clicking the job you wish to remove, and in the edit window change the name of the job. Or, select the job and hit that pencil tab to edit it. Hit Save.

Need help? Let's touch base. Just shoot us a message anytime. And, don't forget to share your thoughts and suggestions with us. Can't wait to hear your feedback!😊

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