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How to add Staff member - Advanced profile
How to add Staff member - Advanced profile

This document will teach you how to turn your basic staff profile into an advance profile using more of the staff features.

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After creating a basic staff profile you might like to look at the advanced options if relevant for your business.

Option 1) Weekly Availability (mini calendar)

You can use the mini calendar to put in leave days/unavailable times - refer Mark Staff Unavailable

Option 2) Assign the relevant Job types

Review each job type and mark whether the technician is qualified to do by checking the box. In the below example this technician is not qualified to do electrical work so it is un-ticked.

Option 3) Regions

If you work off regions, then select what region this staff member can cover. This will also be visible when selecting a technician to assign a job.

Option 4) Group

If you have a lot of staff you can assign them to groups. This makes it easier to manage the team on the schedule as you can view the members of a group

Eg you have a workshop staff and field staff. Or you might be a large business that operates nationally and have different schedulers for different states.

Option 5) Color

If you choose a Color for the staff member, you'll be able to see where they're located throughout the day in the FieldInsight Map GPS section. This is also the flag colour on the job box on the Schedule.

Option 6) Notes

You can type notes about the staff member - emergency contact etc.

Option 7) Photo

Add a photo off your staff member. If you are going to be using service reports or asset test reports you can have the option of your techs photo to be on the report along with there signature.

Option 8) Permissions

If this staff member a senior or Team leader? You can allow them to set other staff's time sheets and allow them to schedule jobs on the mobileApp.

Option 9) Services

This is used to set the service code - or service items to use for cost and when copied to billable job items.

Each timesheet record is linked to an inventory service item, that is used to calculate the hourly cost for projects and to add the job item on copy to billable.

Learn more about smart time sheets HERE

Option 10) Shifts

Are you a 24/7 business? and work on shifts? If you are, you can set the service costs for your staff dependent on the shift they are working.

This is useful when you have a larger team with different rates, for example you might have an apprentice night shift rate and apprentice day shift rate, then electrician day rate, electrician night rate.

When the team lead adds the timesheet for the team and sets night shift it will use the night rate for the apprentice, and the night rate for the electrician.

Learn more about how to best use shifts HERE

Option 11) GPS

You are able to purchase a GPS tracker from FieldInsight and install it into your company vehicle. This will then show where the vehicle is via our Map. This is where you assign the tracker to the staff member.

Option 12) Add Files

Photos of white cards, trade certificates, Letter of employment. You can attach as many files as you need to the staff profile.

Option 13) Default Job Type

If this staff member 80% of the time does a certain job type. You can set them to that and only need to change it for the exceptions.

Option 14) Scheduler

If you want to give this staff member more access to FieldInsight then tick on Scheduler.

You can then choose the the permission levels you want to give them.

Important: If you click on Access to account settings they will be able to change add and delete things in your account.

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