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How to add a Job in FieldInsight
How to add a Job in FieldInsight

This document is about how to add a job quickly.

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If you are brand new to FieldInsight you are going to want to know the quickest way to add a job and get started.

So lets get into it.

Step 1) Pick a date & time

Hover your mouse over the schedule/calendar view you will see a yellow box that will follow you around. Select the technician (staff member) and the day, time you wish to do the job.

If the day you wish to book the job is not on this view you can scroll through the calendar to the correct date.

Position your yellow box where you want it and click on the calendar.

Step 2) Customer information card

Up comes the customer information card. Here is where you add in your customers name, mobile, address, email and any other information you need.

It looks like a lot of information, but don't stress. There are no mandatory fields. So if you only have a name, mobile and address you are good to go!

Now you have got your customer details sorted, lets get on to adding the Job.

Step 3) The Job card.

To get to the Job card you can either scroll down from the customer information card or you can click on blue arrow at the top of the customer record to collapse the customer card.

Fill in the relevant details for your Job.

You are done! Congratulation on adding your first job. It is now sitting in your calendar ready to action.

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