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QR code scanning for Inventory Items
QR code scanning for Inventory Items

Scan QR codes to quickly add products to jobs using the camera on your smartphone - no scanner required

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Quickly add parts to jobs using the camera on your smart phone to scan QR codes. Print the QR codes from the office, add the labels to your product items and scan them in the field to add the items to jobs.

We also support using existing manufacturers barcodes that are already printed on items, see barcodes for inventory for more information on using barcodes.

See the guide below which explains how to print labels in the office

Add an item in the field

In the Hours and parts under the Product heading click on scan to scan an item

Point the camera to the QR code and align the QR code inside the corners and wait for the check mark. The camera view will close and the item added to the job items automatically.

Adjust the quantity as needed and click Scan to add another product.


Select information for the lable

Open Settings - system fields and scroll down to the Inventory QR code section. Check the items that you want to see on the Item QR code label

Select the items that you want to print QR code labels for and click on the Print QR button

Select the warehouse that you want to print labels for. Each warehouse has different QR codes so when the technician scans an item the location is automatically set to the warehouse that the item was taken from

Use the print dialogue for your printer to adjust the size of your labels.

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