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Reckon Integration

How to setup the Reckon integrate to export Invoices to your accounting software

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If you have a Reckon One account you can export your Invoices form FieldInsight to Reckon.


Open the Integration page

Open the integrations page in settings - Integrations and click the enable button to setup the Reckon integration

Login to Reckon

Enter your Reckon username and password in the Reckon popup

Click Yes, Allow to give FieldInsight access your Reckon account

Select your cashbook

Click on Cashbook and select the book that you want to export Invoices to

Configure tax and accounts

Select the account that you want to use in Reckon

Import contacts and Inventory from Reckon to FieldInsight (Optional)

Click on the buttons to initiate the import fro contacts or inventory

Close the Reckon popup

Export Invoices

To export an invoice to Reckon, click on the Export button on the invoice or select all the invoices to export and click Export to Reckon

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