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Receiving goods in the field
Receiving goods in the field

Update received items and add a delivery docket to a purchase order in the field

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When goods is received on site technicians check the goods an upload the delivery docket to the purchase order for the scheduler to review.

Find the Purchase order

Click on the three lines in the top right hand corner to open the main menu and select

Search by supplier or project name / number to find the Purchase order. Click on the Purchase Order number to open it.

Check received items against a Purchase Order in the field

Scroll down and under the items and click

  • All received - to mark all items on the Purchase Order as received and set teh status to All received

  • Partially Received - to mark some items as missing, and set the status to Partially received

When clicking on Partially Received a new page opens showing the item that where ordered. Click on the Green check to receive all

All items received

Or if a different quantity was delivered, click in the Received column to enter the actual quantity received


If you use inventory and receive items to different warehouses, the items can be filtered by location. To change the location for an item, click on the item in the Purchase order to open it, then select the location

Technicians: How to add a delivery docket in the field

Add delivery docket to the Purchase Order

On the Purchase Order click on the Add file link under Attachments and take a photo of the delivery docket. Wait for the delivery docket to upload before you leave the page.

Schedulers: How to check the delivery docket in the office

Click on Sales and select Purchases. Open the Purchase Order by clicking on the number in the list. The Delivery Dockets can be found in the File section under Bills.

Schedulers: How to check the received items in the Office

When the technicians receive items on a Purchase Order the items are instantly updated and the status is changed to All received or Partially Received

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