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Track your bills against your project
Track your bills against your project

Import or create bills from supplier invoices to keep track of your actual project costs

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Keep track of your actual costs by adding and tracking the costs from your bills. You can create a bill from a supplier Invoice manually in FieldInsight or import bills automatically from Xero (setup in Xero settings).

Bill management workflow

  1. Create bill in Sales under the Bills tab

  2. Link the Bill to the project and update the status

  3. Link bill to Purchase Order and update the status

  4. View profitability for the project in the Performance Report

Create a new bill

To create a new bill open Sales - Bills and click on the Add new button, or create a bill from a Purchase Order using the Copy button. Select Bill in the copy to dropdown and select if you want to copy the job to the bill.

If you create a bill from an existing Purchase order the project information will be copied across, if you import you bills form Xero you need to manually add the Project.

Link Bills to Purchase Orders

To link a bill to a purchase order, Click on Sales - Purchase Orders and open the Purchase Order that you want to reconcile. Click on the + bill button and select the bill to reconcile to this Purchase Order.

When all bills have been received, mark the Purchase Order as billed by changing the purchase order status to Bill received.

Project cost

Approved Bills are added to the cost in the profit report. When all bills have been received and a Purchase order is marked as bill received the purchase order will no longer be added to the project cost.

Only approved purchase orders are included on the profit report, when purchase orders are marked as bill received they are no longer included in the cost.

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