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Inventory: Managing Your Services
Inventory: Managing Your Services

Essential information about tracking your services in FieldInsight

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When a Technician completes a job, they can add service items to invoices in the FieldInsight app (click here to find out where to update this in your account).

The Inventory > Services section of your FieldInsight account is where you can list the service items offered by your company. Once they're added, Technicians can add them to invoices.

The Services Tab

Under the 'Services' tab in your account, some items have already been added. You can choose to edit these items, or create new ones. In the screenshot below, we've added two items: one for maintenance service calls and another for repairs.

Editing Categories and Statuses for Service Items

In the above example, we've added categories for service items by clicking the 'Edit categories' button at the top. The service item categories we've added match the job types in our account.

You can also update the Status for service items by clicking the 'Edit statuses' button at the top. Like the product section, this allows you to update the status of an item based on your company and needs.ย 

One service item you might want to add is 'New', if your company's services change. If you have different account levels you might want to use service item categories to show which service item is for a specific account type.

Editing Service Items

If you click 'Edit' under any of the service items, you'll be shown a screen where you can update the service item's category, code, description, PO notes, purchase rate, sales rate, and if tax should be added to the item.

Adding Service Items

To Add an Item select 'Add Service' and complete the details and then Save.

Don't forget to click 'Save item' to confirm adding the service item to your account.

What's Next?

If you've already added product items to your account, you can add expenses (if you need to).

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