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Using QR codes in the field

Quickly find your assets in the field, add a job and start testing

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If you are new to QR code start with Getting started with QR codes

When you return to a site where you have labeled all the assets wth QR codes. All you need to is scan the QR code using the camera on your smartphone, and click open the URL to find the asset. Depending on you setup there are a few different options here. The diagram below explains what happens when you scan a QR code

Scan a QR code

Open the camera on your smart phone and point to the QR code. Align the QR code within the marks and when the link appears (top of the screen on iPhone and bottom on Android), click it to open the asset.

Add a new job for an asset

If you scan a QR code and you are presented with this screen, it means there's no job scheduled for that asset today. You can either open a job list for today or add a job for today to test the asset.

Note: If you don't get the option to add a job, you might not have permission to add jobs. Ask your Admin Scheduler to set this up in settings - staff. Open the technician and check Allow to schedule job on mobile

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