Set custom rates for an account customer to be used for all jobs for this customer. 

Set rates for an account customer

1. Open the account customer

Click on Accounts in the main menu and select account customers in the dropdown.

2. Click on the rates tab to enable rates

Open the rates tab under the map and click the enable rates button

3. Add the inventory items and set the rates

Click on the Add rates button to add inventory items and set the rates for the items. 

4. Account customer rates on a job

These rates will be used automatically on all jobs and sales documents created for this Account customer. If you enable rates on a project for the same customer the project rates will be used for jobs on that project. A notice above the job items will specify where prices are taken from.


You can also set rates on a project click here to learn more
Set custom rules for overtime penalty rates on the account customer or project

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