We have introduced a handy task management feature to capture Office, Admin, Staff ToDo's that need to be tracked.

No need to write them down elsewhere, simply Add, Assign, notify (optional) and then mark as Done once completed.

View all To-do tasks under the tabs

  • Tasks - show all list and to-dos added

  • Job tasks - show all to-do list and tasks added on jobs

  • My tasks - shows only tasks assigned to me

  • Templates - this is for configuring template To-dos to be added automatically on jobs by job type

Job tasks and My tasks can be searched by Job status, Job site or To-do type

Create a List & ToDo's 

Click to Add a New List:

Give the List (group) a Name

Create the Task

Add the Task(s) required (1 or many)

  • Provide a Heading

  • Enter a Description (optional)

  • Assign to an owner (optional) from the dropdown (will take list from the Staff page)

  • Set a due date (optional)

  • Check if you want to send an email to notify the owner

  • Select a staff member to notify when done

  • Send to FiledInsight - This will send an email to FieldInsight support, if you need help with a feature, please email support directly on support@fieldinsight.com or use the chat in the bottom right corner

  • Click Save

You now have a set of Task's and relevant Tasks

Other Actions:

You can

  • Move Lists & To/Do's up/down the page

  • Drag and drop tasks

  • Upload files to a Task

  • Mark a Task as Done/Completed

  • Edit a Task

  • Delete a Task

  • Hide/Show done tasks

Move an Item in hierarchy

To move an item up or down simply hold the cursor on the item and then drag it to the section you want it moved to.


You can edit or delete a ToDo or a Task by opening the item and clicking the 3 vertical dots.

For a List, simply locate the Vertical dots and click to select Delete or Edit.  To Edit you can also click the hyperlink name.

To delete a Task you need to open the Task and click the 3 vertical dots and select Delete.

Mark as Complete / Done

To mark a Task as Done, simply click the Done checkbox in the Task.

Upload a File(s) to a Task

Click the +File icon to open up the control to select a file.

Hide and Show completed tasks

Click on the three dots and select Show or Hide done

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