If an existing label gets damaged you have two options, you can either allocate a new QR code to that asset by scanning a pre-printed unallocated QR code and selecting add to existing asset, or reprint the existing label.

Allocate a new QR code to an asset

This will remove the exiting QR code and allocate a new QR code to that asset. 

  1. Attach the new QR code label to the asset and scan it

  2. Select add to existing asset

  3. Select the asset to allocate the QR code to, use the search to find the asset. You can search the Asset ID or customer reference. Click on the asset to add the QR code.

Re-print an existing QR code label for an asset

To reprint an existing QR code label for an asset, you need to be logged in as a scheduler. 

  1. Open the asset from the job page click on the asset ID link or in the Accounts dropdown select assets and search for the asset in the list.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the asset and click print QR code to open the print dialogue.

  3. Adjust the size and select your printer 

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