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Searching Jobs in FieldInsight
Searching Jobs in FieldInsight

Find, print jobs and see how many jobs are in your account.

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You can search all the Jobs in your account by using the search bar from the main Calendar page.

Advanced search

From the Job page, you can also complete a 'Simple' or 'Advanced' Search, you'll see all the jobs found in the app based on your search term. You can also export and print the jobs listed by clicking the buttons above the search results.

Click on the Advanced Search button to open up a new screen where you can use a system or custom field and/or date ranges to find what you want.  You can also search within the tabs Scheduled, Unscheduled or Deleted.

Search jobs for a specific customer

Use the customer (Account or site) dropdown to search and select a customer to find jobs for. Type the name, or any other word from the address in the dropdown, then select the customer

Name search

Search for a specific customer by road name

Search for jobs in an area

If you want to search for jobs in an area, use the postcode or suburb field to search

The Print Option

Selecting 'Print' opens a smaller box where you can choose to print either all the jobs in your account, or just the jobs found in the app based on your search query.

If you check any of the boxes beside the jobs in the list, the 'Selected' option will display in the print menu,

The 'Print' screen that shows when you select any of the options, a print screen will display that shows the number of jobs that will be printed.

Selecting 'All' will open a print screen that will show you a number of all the jobs in your FieldInsight account (not just the ones the app found).

You can opt to print all of the jobs or just a certain number. 

If you want to see how many jobs the app found from your search, select 'Found' from the print menu.

The Export Option

You can export jobs or inventory for jobs

If you have your Scheduleflow account integrated with Xero or MYOB, you can export jobs to either account.

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