MYOB Troubleshooting

This article contains Troubleshooting related to MYOB integration

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To view the MYOB error, click on the MYOB export error link under the invoice

Error 'Your username or password is incorrect for your Company file in MYOB, this is not your cloud login, but the company file login.'


This error is due to the incorrect login credentials being used to access the Company file. To fix this, use Administrator as User Name and leave the Password blank when authorizing the MYOB + FieldInsight integration.

Error 'Invalid Company File' error

This error is due to incorrect Company File login. MYOB setup involves entry of login credentials at 2 stages: 

  1. Primary Cloud server access and 

  2. Company/Data file access.  - If you cannot find current Company File password, you have to take MYOB support help to reset the Company File password.

The login details are checked only when you export and invoice, not at the stage when you add them in the settings, so even though they look correct when you add them, they might not be. For more information about MYOB logins and password see:

Error:  SaleEventLine_ItemSoldRequired (ItemId:(SaleEventItemLine))

This error appears when MYOB Sale flag is not selected for Products/ Services item(s).
Go to FieldInsight Main Menu-> Inventory-> Products/ Services->
Click 'Edit' link for invoiced item->
Scroll to ‘MYOB Options’->
Select checkbox 'I sell this item' and
Choose 'Income account' from drop-down list->
'Save item'.
Repeat this for all items listed in concerned invoice.

Error: BusinessLine_AccountRequired

This is problem is related to the Accounts selected on this item

  • To fix this open the item in Inventory and update the MYOB options accounts

  • If you have this item in MYOB already, check that you have the same accounts selected in MYOB and FieldInsight


Business logic in AccountRight prevents importing or keying in transactions dated prior to the start of the current Financial Year. Resolution:
Change the Invoice date to be after the start of the financial year.

Error: Insufficient stock quantity for inventory item

Add necessary stock and re-try sync. 

Alternatively, go to FieldInsight Main Menu-> Inventory-> Products/ Services->
Click 'Edit' link for invoiced item->
Scroll to ‘MYOB Options’->
Un-check 'I inventory this item' check-box and
Clear 'Asset account' to bypass stock validation. 

Error: The Customer with UID 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx' cannot be found (Customer.UID)

To resolve this issue you need to update the MYOB mapping of the Account (or Site). Find the Customer record, open your FieldInsight Customer list (Accounts or Site customer - depending on which one you sync your MYOB customer to) and search for the customer that the invoice is for.

In the MYOB column click Select or Change customer to update the link to the correct customer in MYOB

Select with the Export as New or Sync to Existing.

Go back to the Invoice and attempt the sync again.

Error: Insufficient stock quantity for inventory item

This error happens because it's not possible to invoice an item with insufficient stock levels in MYOB. If you use inventory in MYOB update the Stock quantities for the item in MYOB to solve this or if you don't want to use MYOB stock management open the item in FieldInsight Inventory and uncheck 'I inventory this item'.

MYOB error (Error converting value “” to type ‘System.Guid’. P)

There's no account selected for 'No Tax items' in MYOB settings and this invoice has items with No Tax. To solve this, open MYOB settings and select an account for 0%Tax.

Expense Account is Required

This error occurs when there is no Expense account mapped in the Inventory Item. The invoice will not sync as there is a mismatch in the Chart of Accounts from FieldInsight Inventory categorisation and the MYOB ARL Chart of Accounts.

This may have occurred if you changed in MYOB ARL the item between different sections in the Chart of Account as FieldInsight does not actively maintain the individual item settings.

To resolve you may need to select a different Expense code and sync and then manually change the Code in MYOB ARL.

For Xero Troubleshooting see: 

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