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Complete an Asset test from the office

Scheduler: Start and complete an Asset test on desktop

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Asset test and Asset Management is part of the AssetINSIGHT Module. Please talk to our team to arrange a demo or upgrade your plan.

Asset tests can be completed from a job in the field or from the office. 

Before you can complete an Asset test you need to setup your asset management and tests, see Getting started with asset testing and Getting started with asset management for more info.

Complete an asset test from the office.

On the job page click on the Asset tab. Select the Test button

Select the test that you want to do for that unit

Select Open test once you have selected

Fill out the questions in the test and click save to save the test and go back to the job page

Remember to click Save

The last test is stored against the asset on the job

As well as the Asset Tests results

To create the Asset test report

There are multiple places you can go to generate a report

On the job - Click on the report tab

Or on any tab select the down arrow next to +New Invoice and select + New Report

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