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Customer portal

Give your customers access to view jobs with status, assets, invoices, quotes, reports and request jobs

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The customer portal lets your Account customers login and check the status of their jobs, download documents, including Quotes, Invoices and Reports. See a list of assets that you maintain for them with last test date and a form to request a job

We're currently updating the customer portal and will be adding defects to the assets list shortly

What can the customer see?

When the customer login they can see all the jobs scheduled for them. They can search jobs in the future and the past by date, site and asset. See below for instructions how to hide/show items in the customer portal

The details visible to the customer are:

  • Jobs

    • Job status

    • Date - Scheduled

    • Site Address

    • Job notes

    • Customer Purchase Order number (from the job page)

  • Quotes (optional)

    • Customer can view and download PDF

    • Quote status (ex, Awaiting acceptance)

    • Quotes in draft status are not visible on the portal

  • Invoices and status (optional)

    • Customer can view and download PDF

    • Invoice status (ex, Awaiting Payment)

    • Invoices in draft status are not visible on the portal

  • Reports (optional)

    • Customer can view and download PDF

    • Only Approved reports are visible on the portal

  • List of assets with options to show/hide:

    • Asset ID (this can be renamed in settings)

    • Asset type

    • Customer

    • Model number

    • Serial #

    • Customer ref

    • Description

    • Last test - number and date

    • List of defects - searchable by Asset

  • Request job

    • This will add an unscheduled job with the default job status

    • The customer needs to select an existing site from their account

    • They can also select a job type (Service) for the job

Setup customer access

To setup the customer portal for a customer, open the account customer that you want to add the portal for from the Accounts - Account Customer menu

Scroll down and click on the Portal settings link

In the Portal settings popup, enter a username and password for the customer to access the portal. Copy the URL for the customer to login with the detail entered. Click save to save the settings.

Change username/password for the customer portal

To change the username and or password for a customer, follow the same steps as above, open the customer page and click on the portal settings link, then change the details as needed.

Setup the customer portal

Add a logo

Open business settings by clicking on the settings icon on the right

Click on the upload logo button and select your logo from your files

This logo will appear in the menu in the app and on the customer portal

Hide Quotes, Invoices or Reports

Open Settings - Misc and scroll down to the Customer Portal settings. Uncheck the document that you want to hide and click the Save button. These settings will be applied for all customer portals.

Hide information

You can hide/show information in settings - system fields by checking/unchecking the visible checkbox for the field.

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