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What is the Customer source used for?
What is the Customer source used for?

Record where your customers heard about your business and track over time to determine what is your best lead generation.

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Marketing is a costly exercise. You can spend thousands of dollars on different campaigns with little to no effect on getting new customers. Part of your standard operation procedures could be to ask every new customer that calls to book in a job "how did you hear about us?" This one question is very valuable over time to track what you best lead source is.

The customer source is where you track this information. So lets learn how to add in new sources.

To change the customer source option open settings -

Job Details tab

In the customer source section type a name for your new source and click on Add. You can also remove options by clicking on the X. Click on an entry and click on the pen symbol to change the name of an existing customer source option.

In the customer record select the customer source when creating a customer using the dropdown in the customer section

To report on the customer source

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