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Auto-Allocate a Team for a Project
Auto-Allocate a Team for a Project

Ability to auto-allocate todays job for the next day (using Projects)

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A quick way via Projects to allocate a set of technicians to the next days job.

Note:  This feature is available when using our Project Management capability.
Project Management is available on our Premium 'Professional Insight' $39 a User Plan.  If you want to start using projects please request a call back from the Customer Success team to discuss and how we can assist configuration.

Auto allocate technicians

In the calendar project view, click on auto allocate under the date that you want to allocate technicians for.

In the popup select the date you want to auto allocate from, it will default to the last date that you allocated from

All jobs on projects for the previous day that you select to allocate from are created as split jobs for the day with the same technicians, same custom fields, job and tech notes. Inventory items are not copied across to new jobs.

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