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Review and check signature for your SWMS
Review and check signature for your SWMS

Keep track of your SWMS; check who's signed and download PDFs

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When a Technician signs a SWMS document it is imediately updated for the scheduler to see. 

1. Daily check for the SWMS document

Click on Safety in the top navigation to check who's signed and to download the latest version

2. Check SWMS signatures on the job page

Open the job and click on the SWMS tab. In here you can see who's signed and the date and time for the signature.

3. See previous versions

When a technician make changes to a SWMS document all other technicians on the job are asked to sign the new version of the SWMS document, the previously signed versions are saved under the versions tab on the job. 

Example:  If a technician sign a SWMS document, and the next technician makes changes to the document, the first technician will be asked to sign again, and have the status of not signed on the SWMS. The version that the first technician signed is still accessible under the versions tab.

Click on versions to see and download previous versions

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