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Custom Series and Expiring Maintenance Job Series
Custom Series and Expiring Maintenance Job Series

Keep track of recurring maintenance work through 'Custom Series' jobs and 'Expiring Maintenance Job Series' report.

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The 'Expiring Maintenance job series' is used when a customer is locked into a maintenance (or any recurring) service series over a period of time.
Jobs created using 'Custom Series' feature qualify for 'Expiring Maintenance job series'.
'Custom Series' is a premium feature available in our ProfessionalINSIGHT plan. Contact us at +61 03 9005 8357 or chat at the bottom-right corner to enable this feature. It allows creating a recurring job series template with specified fields & values, which can be re-used later instead of entering all data from scratch.
Once the details related to a recurring job series are in, click the Save button and select the option 'Save & create custom series'.

Enter the name of the template in the popup that appears and click 'Create' button.

The system displays message 'New Custom Series added' and its visible under Jobs-> Custom Series.

To re-use the Custom Series, click 'Copy' link below required series. In 'Copy custom series...' page, select start date of recurring job series from 'On date' field, enter customer details and click 'Copy series' button. The system displays message 'New job series ... created'.

'Expiring Maintenance Job Series' report is used to keep track of 'Custom series' jobs.
You can specify site/account customer, date range and search.

The coloured records indicate series that has expired i.e. no future maintenance jobs.
The white records indicate maintenance series expiring within specified date range i.e. the last job in maintenance series falls in that date range.

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