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Turn your quote into one or more Invoices
Turn your quote into one or more Invoices

How to take a deposit from your accepted quote and split your quotes into part payments over several invoices in percent (%)

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To turn your quote into one invoice, click the Copy button at the bottom of the quote. In the pop up select Invoice in the dropdown check copy Job across (copying the job is recommended as this will linked the Invoice to the job)

Split a quote over more than invoices

1. open the quote that you want to invoice

at the bottom of the quote click on Invoice % of Quote

2. click on Invoice % of quote to open the invoice item popup 

  • Add the % of the quote amount that you want to add to the first invoice. 

  • Add an item description for the invoice item

  • Click create invoice to add the invoice

  • Repeat this step to create another invoice form the same quote

3. Invoice overview

In the quote invoice by % overview you can get a quick view of the invoices for this quote. Click on the invoice number to send or edit the invoice. You can come back to this page at any time to find the invoices

You can also see the invoices under the draft tab on the invoice page


If you create the job from your quote before creating the percent (%) invoices your job will be copied to the Invoices inking the quote and all invoices to the job

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