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FieldInsight Job Booking interface on business websites
FieldInsight Job Booking interface on business websites

The job booking interface allows businesses to embed FieldInsight iFrame object in their own website.

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Job related details can be entered in the fields of FieldInsight iFrame object. When these job details are submitted, an Unscheduled job gets created in corresponding FieldInsight account. Thus clients of businesses using FieldInsight can submit job requests directly from business website. Here are the steps to use this feature:

1) Settings-> Business page in FieldInsight account has the interface URL. Use ‘Copy to clipboard’ button to copy the URL. This URL can be embedded by businesses in their website.

2) Clients can click the portal link to invoke job booking page. Enter details (fields marked by asterisk are mandatory) and click ‘Submit’ button.

The job gets booked as an Unscheduled job in FieldInsight. It has to be scheduled & assigned to technician by scheduler. Unscheduled jobs are listed under Jobs-> Unscheduled page.

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