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The different types of custom fields you can use
The different types of custom fields you can use

This is a guide to the different options available

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When adding custom fields or asset test questions you have a few different option to what type of field you want to add. All types fields can be displayed on mobile as well as in the scheduler view. The available fields types are:

Text field

Add a single line of text

Displays a dropdown list where you can select one option. You can add and edit the options in your list by clicking edit options under the custom field

Text area

A larger area of text for taking notes

Multi select drop down list

Same as the drop down list, but more than one option can be selected

Static text

Add a line of static test for your staff, for example you can use this to add instructions


Add a signature field to capture signature of customers and technicians. There's also an option to add a link to terms and conditions or a PDF with terms to this field

Phone number

Add a phone number

Date field

This field has a mini calendar to select a date

Time field

File list 

Use this to attach images and files


 This displays a single checkbox

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