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Advanced Asset tests configuration and setup via Google Spreadsheets.
Advanced Asset tests configuration and setup via Google Spreadsheets.

Create advanced asset tests that require complicated calculations using google spreadsheets

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Do you have asset tests that require complicated calculations? With our google sheets integration you can now create complicated Asset tests using google spreadsheets.

Asset and customer information will be added automatically to the header and the test will be accessible through a link from the FieldInsight app.

Pre step - Authentication of Google drive

This is a one off authentication step to allow FieldInsight to copy and save spreadsheets to your Google drive. Currently this is done by FieldInsight admin staff. Contact us for more information or to setup the Google spreadsheet integration.

When the authentication step has been complete you can start creating your tests.

Setup the spreadsheet integration

1. Click on Asset test - tests

Click on add test to setup a new test

2. Name your test 

This is what your technicians will see when the select which test to complete on an asset

Add the link to your spreadsheet template for the test that you want use. If you don't have a spreadsheet test already you can set one up in Google drive by clicking add new spreadsheet. Copy the URL at the top of the page and past it in the Spreadsheet URL field on your test.

4. Setup the mapping of FieldInsight fields to your spreadsheet

The mapping works by selecting a cell in your spreadsheet using the grid reference and linking it to a placeholder from system and custom fields.

Click on add field to get started

  • Add the name of the sheet where you want the information to appear, you can find this as tabs at the bottom of your spreadsheet 

  • Select the column and the row grid reference in the spreadsheet

  • Select the value - the information that you want to add to this cell. Click on the dropdown to display a list of available information to add

The fields will be synced every time you click to open the spreadsheet from FieldInsight. Its important to note:

  • Do not add any additional information in the fields synced from FieldInsight as they will be overwritten every time you click open spreadsheet from FieldInsight.

  • If you update information on a Job, customer or asset and want to sync this to the spreadsheet, click open spreadsheet to update your data

5. Add Asset test questions (optional)

You can add additional questions to your asset test in FieldInsight. These can be used to print asset test reports for jobs and synced to your spreadsheet if required. For example, images and signatures cannot be synced to spreadsheets but they can be added to FieldInsight Asset test reports.

To add questions to the asset test click on Add question and select the type of field you want your question to be. The questions will appear under the add question button.

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