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Schedulers: Create a Purchase Orders
Schedulers: Create a Purchase Orders

How to create a Purchase Order and send it to your supplier

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Creating Purchase orders is basically the same process as creating Invoices, If you haven't setup your Inventory, you might want to do that first. Have a look at the Add inventory and items article for more information

1. Click add new Add purchase order

By heading to Sales > Purchases and then clicking on + Add Purchase Order in the upper right corner

If your technicians add items to a job out in the field the scheduler can easily create a purchase order for the job items by clicking new purchase order on the job page. This will create the purchase order and add the job, project and all the product items on the job to the purchase order.

On the left pane, select Jobs > All > Open a Job # > then scroll down.

You can also create a purchase order without a job under Sales > Purchases, or from the project page.

2. select supplier

Select the supplier. If you haven't added your supplier yet, have a look at Add customers accounts and suppliers 

3. Specify the details for the PO

Set the status of your purchase order to:

If you have an arrangement with your supplier to deliver goods to a different address you can specify the delivery address on the Purchase order.

4. Make changes to the items

To make changes to an item click on the fields that you want to change and update the details. 

Copy items to job

If you added the items on the PO and want to copy them to the job, click on the Copy button.

A pop-up box will appear once you click the Copy Button. Select where you want to copy it from the drop down option.

  • Click add row to add an item without a job

  • Click on the x on the far right of the row to remove the item

  • Click add job to add a job - and the items on that job to the PO - you can add more than one job to a PO. When you click on add job, you'll see a list of all your jobs, mark the jobs you want to add and click add selected jobs

  • If you add items to the PO before you add the items to the job, you can use the copy to job button to copy all items on the PO to the job

4. Send the Purchase order

When the Purchase order has been approved you can send it to your supplier, click on PDF to download the PO as a PDF to print or click email to send it. 

The PDF is generated using your Purchase Order template selected in the Purchase Order details. You can customise your templates in Settings - Templates, see How to create templates to learn more.

5. Receiving items from a Purchase Order

When your stock arrives you can quickly receive and allocate the items to your warehouse(s). 

  • You can either update the location and the quantity received manually

  • Or simply click Receive all if all items arrive at the same time. This will update your stock levels for the items

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