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How to create a Quote

How to create a quote and send it to your customer from the office

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There are a few ways to create quotes. You can create a quote without a job or on a job in the office or on mobile.

Create a quote without a job

Open Sales - Quote in the main menu. Click the Add Quote button to create a new quote.

Create quote for a job

from a job by clicking on the dropdown arrow to the right of the '+ New Invoice' button on a saved job. This will open up a new screen where you can create a quote for the job from the job items. 

Create a quote on a job on mobile

In the sales section on a job, click the Add link next to quotes

Adding Jobs and Inventory to a Quote

If you're creating a new quote (without being attached to a job), you can add jobs or inventory to the quote using the jobs & inventory at the bottom of the screen.

If you just have an item to add, click the button that says Add item without a job.

Clicking Add item without a job will display fields that you can edit to reflect the items purchased. The totals on the right will update automatically.

Updating Items and Jobs

When you click the Add item without a job button, a line will show up where you can update the type of item (Service or Product) Category, Code, Description, Qty (quantity) and Price. You can also update the field under 'Tax' to say 'Tax' or 'No tax'.

Amounts and the quote total are updated automatically as you make changes.


Add or change the markup on your quote using the Markup (%) field. Changing this field will calculate a new sales price for all items on your quote, adding the markup % to the purchase price, so ensure that your purchase price is correct for all items before using this field. 

The difference between margin and markup is that margin is the total sales price minus the purchase price as a percentage, while markup is the the amount by which the cost of a product is increased in order to derive the sales price.


  • You can manage your margin on items at the inventory level

  • If you change the markup on a quote it will update the sales price for all items on the quote to have the same markup. Therefor if you want to change the sales price only on some items you need to change the sales price only for that line item, and not use the markup field. When you update a sales price on a line item you can see the margin (profit) change

  • The margin is calculated including or excluding tax as selected in the dropdown

  • If you want change your total quote margin at the quote level take note of the current Margin percentage and adjust the Markup or the sales price of the items, for example, if you want to add 20% to the quote total, take note of the current Margin (ex: 30%) and adjust either the sales price for the individual line items or the Markup to adjust the sales price for all line items until the Markup % is increased to 50%.

Creating a quote for Multiple Jobs

You can create one quote for multiple jobs. To do this you would select more than one job in your account to attach to the invoice after clicking the Add job button.

The button at the top of the Select a job for the document will update to reflect the number of jobs chosen.

If the jobs have service hours and / or items already added to them, the quote will update to reflect the total cost.

Other Quote Details

FieldInsight automatically creates a quote with the customer name and information included. Once you create the quote you can download it or email it to your customer right from the screen where you edit the quote. The PDF will be generated using the Quote template you select in quote details - you can edit your quote template in Settings - Templates. See Quoting: how to create and customise your quote templates for more info.

Once you've finished editing the information, click Close. If you're creating the quote from a job, the app will take you back to the job screen.

Sending the quote

To send your quote click on the email button at the bottom of the quote page. Edit the email message in the popup, editing the text and adding styles using the editor buttons. You can also attach files (PDF, product brochures and flyers) using the Add file link under the text editor. The files will be added as links that the customer can click to download.

By default the reply to address for all sales emails (invoices, quotes, reports and Purchase orders) is the business email address. you can change this and have the email reply set to the sender (ie the scheduler or technician that sends the document) in Settings - Misc under Sales documents

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