If a staff member needs to be suspended please complete the following and consider any relevant actions.

Before you Suspend a staff member, ensure you review assigned jobs (future dated) and move them to a new Technician.

Go to Job's and select all jobs

Once in All Jobs Advanced Search option.  

Select 'Worker' from the drop down list

Click on the calendar to select todays date

Then click search

In the job results, ensure you re-assign all the future dated jobs as necessary to a new technician.

Hover over the job number and select new technician

How Suspend a Worker

Go to Settings the click on Staff

Locate the Staff member and click 'Suspend'.

You will now see that Worker is in the Suspended Tab and not be selectable to assign to a Job.

Note:  You will be able to access the Workers past jobs through 'Advanced Job Search' criteria and selecting the worker from the Suspended Worker.

Re-activate a Suspended Worker 

Locate the Worker in the Suspended staff tab and either tick their profile and click 'Restore' or simply click the Restore button under their name.

Confirm the restore

They will now appear in the selection to assign a job as well as on the main calendar.

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