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Edit your SmartDocket template

How to make changes to your smartdocket template

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A SmartDockets is a digital docket that you can generate and send to your customer automatically with the click of a button.

We have several system fields that you can use in this report, and if you need any other fields that we don't currently have, you can add them as job custom fields. 

All our templates are customisable and use placeholders and sections to add field. To make changes, just edit the text and change the placeholders. There's a reference list at the bottom of the page listing all the available placeholders.

Making changes to your SmartDockets

To configure or change your SmartDocket go to settings, click on the Templates tab and select Reports. Then click on the name of the template that you want to change

Tip: If you haven't got your current logo on the SmartDocket you can add it here, just click on Choose file to upload your current logo.

How to edit the different fields in your template

1. To make changes in the top section, click in the filed that you want to change and edit the text and the placeholders - There's a list of all the placeholders at the bottom of the page.

2. You can choose to show or hide the inventory and specify which details to include

3. Add custom fields to your report

a. Under add fields to your report, click on add new group

b. Type a heading for your section and click on add new row
c. Under Left Label - type a name for your field - this will be visible on the report
d. Under left value select the placeholder that you want to add. Repeat with the right label and value. 

You can add as many rows and sections as you need. You can also delete a row or a group by clicking delete on the right. 

4. Last step - click save to save your template

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