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Set-up Job Types for a Pump

Set what job types a pump can perform to optimise scheduling and pump utilisation.

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You can easily configure which job types a pump or line can be assigned to.When creating a new job, this optimizes the pump selection to only show the pumps and lines that are capable of doing the job.

This improves fleet utilization by job type and eliminates the need to use a pump/line for a job where it is not the most cost-effective utilization.

Click on the little orange gear icon โš™๏ธ in the upper right corner of your page.

Click the Settings button at the top of the dropdown menu.


On the Settings page, from the top horizontal menu, click UNITS button

Click 'Edit' for the relevant Pump and complete the relevant details:

  • Enter Name, assign unique Username (so it can be identifiable on the schedule)

  • Enter Unit Details; Select the Job Types it can perform, capture any additional unit information (if you have set these up in Custom fields)

Click 'Save Unit'.

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