To display Job Photo's in your Quote, Invoice, Reports (using the Document Templates) there are two options.

Consider the following before you begin:

Job only photo/images (all job attachments)

If you want to show images in any document template (ie not concerned with any heading/segregation (pre & post photos)) then:

  •  you will enable 'Show job images' in your document template (see Option 1 section below)  

Segregated Photos via Custom fields (option 2 below)

If you want to show images in a document template (like a report) that allows segregation (pre and post) then:

  • create the custom fields

  • Have the technician upload images to the relevant field (ie pre photo's to the pre-photo custom field etc) and 

  • enable 'show custom job images' in the document template

  • Select the custom fields to show in the report in the dropdown

You could use Quote only photo's with job type/status Quote to ensure you get the segregation of photos for this purpose.


  • all photos will appear on a new page at the end of all templates (this cannot be changed)

  • if you exceed 5mb of images some images may not display in the PDF, please keep this in mind and ensure only important photo's are uploaded to a job

  • There is no limit to the number of document templates you can create, for example you could create a quote template (with images) and a quote template (without) and enable the setting and add custom field etc for images that is relevant

  • Job card still retains the ability to add a File / Image to a job (this has not changed)

Option 1 :  Enable Job Photo's in a Document template

Step 1:  Navigate to Settings < Templates 

  • Open the relevant Document template

  • Navigate to the Inventory < Job Details section of the template and Check the box 'Show job images'

All images attached to the job (via the Attachments / Add File) feature will append to that document when generated

Option 2:  Create Custom Fields for Segregation of Photos

Part 1 :  Add relevant custom fields in Settings < Custom Fields

Step 1:  Click 'Add Job Field' in the Job section.

Step 2:  Create custom field (examples below)

  • Job - Pre Photo

  • Job - Complete Photo

  • Quote Only Photo

  • Report (name) photo's

Step 3:  Select Field type as 'File List'

Part 2:  Manage Settings 

Step 1:  Set View status 

Step 2:  Determine Mandatory status for Scheduler

Step 3:  Determine Mandatory status for Technician

Part 3:  Click 'Add New Field'

Part 3:  Enable Photo's to be viewed in Templates

Step 1:  Navigate to Settings < Templates 

  • Open the relevant Document template

  • Navigate to the Inventory < Job Details section of the template and Check the box 'Show custom job images'

Part 4:  Ensure Scheduler/Technician add images to the Correct Label on the Job

Ensure the photo is added to the correct label for it to be segregated in the document.  This will display in both Scheduler and Mobile App view.


  • If you have uploaded files to 'Attachment' section they will not append to the document when generated (unless you have ticked both Settings in the Document template. 

  •  If you do tick both then any duplicated images loaded to Attachments & Custom Label/Field will append to the document when generated.

Add a link to download photos on a Report

Use the placeholder for the custom field (type file/image) to create links to download images on reports. You can add this placeholder in any

On the report the placeholder for custom field of types file are added as links, using the file name:

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