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Add a field for customer signature with signature agreement text

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Do you need to collect signatures in the field? With our signature custom field you can capture digital signatures on your mobile. 

Setup a custom field for signature

1. Go to settings - custom field tab and click Add job custom filed

2. Name your field

3. Set the field type to Signature 

4. You can chose to show this field only for specific jobs by checking 'show custom field by job type' and selecting the job types that you want to show it for. To show the signature field for all job types leave this unchecked.

5. Select if you want technicians and schedulers to view and edit this filed. Remember that for technicians in the field to capture the customers signature they need to be able to view and edit this field.

6. You can make this field mandatory so that your technicians must edit this field before they can change the job status. If they try to change the job status without filling this out they will get a warning that the signature field must be completed first.

7. When you click save field you will be presented with a popup where you can add the signature agreement text. 

8. To edit the Signature statement, click on edit agreement text under the name of the custom files.

9. You can reorder your custom fields using the up and down arrows.

10. Technicians will see this under job details on the job page in the mobile app. Click set signature to capture the signature.

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