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Take payments online: Setting up eWay Integration
Take payments online: Setting up eWay Integration

eWay is a secure online payments platform for your business – allows you to take payments against invoices in FieldInsight

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Our eWay integration allows seamless credit card payment processing against invoices raised in FieldInsight.  Reduce the time it takes to get paid to instantly.

Recording the Payments in FieldInsight works whether you are using FieldInsight exclusively for Invoice management or whether you use MYOB or Xero accounting systems.

Set up your Payment types:

  1. Navigate to Job Details tab in Settings

Let's go to Settings. Click on the little orange gear icon ⚙️ in the upper right corner of your page. Click the Settings button at the top of the dropdown menu. On the Settings page, from the top horizontal menu click Job Details

2. In the Payment Method section, enter/add the different types of payment methods you accept; ie (examples only)

Click on the plus sign to add a 'New Payment Method'

Activate the eWay Integration / Add on

Important:  Please complete the eWay application process and gain the eWay API key.  It is required before you activate the Integration in FieldInsight.

  1. Navigate to the Integrations section

2. Select 'Enable' in the row for eWay

3. Log in and Enter the following details:

  • Paste in the eWay API key you obtained upon set-up of your eWay account

  • Enter you eWay password (when you set-up your portal in eWay)

  • Select eWay as the Credit Card Payment type (the first part of this document)

  • Add a surcharge for eWay payments (Optional)

  • Select if you want to show a pay now button on PDF Invoices for customer to pay online

Click 'Enable'.

Note:  the Surcharge rate can be completed by you, but please ensure you understand the criteria by which you can enter a value here (State and Federal laws as well as Consumer laws may apply).

What's Next

You are now ready to use eWay and take credit card details directly in the field against Invoices.  Please refer to Help article 'Take payments in the field for Invoicing' on how to conduct an eWay payment.

If you need help with how to raise an Invoice in FieldInsight, check out our help article on 'Creating Invoices for Jobs'.

Need help? Let's touch base. Just shoot us a message anytime. And, don't forget to share your thoughts and suggestions with us. Can't wait to hear your feedback!😊

Email: support

Phone: +61 3 9005 8357

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