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Take payments in the field for Invoices (incl eWay)
Take payments in the field for Invoices (incl eWay)

Get paid faster - take payments (incl eWay) in the field using your mobile device

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You can have your technicians take and record payments against an invoice in the field using FieldInsight's mobile app.  

There are a few ways you can do this:

  1. Record a cash payment against the invoice

  2. Record an EFT payment (from mobile EFT machines you have)

  3. Process a credit card using our eWay integration (no mobile EFT devices required)


Pre-Requisites for eWay payments:   Refer to Help document 'How to setup eWay'


To take a payment using eWay follow this guide. 

  1. From an invoice created in the Mobile app 

  2. Click 'Pay'

  • Details from the Invoice will flow through to the next series of Screens; ie
    - customer
    - amount owing
    - paid date 

3. Select Payment Method

4.  Select eWay as the Payment Method to use
Remember:  You set eWay as the payment method in both your Job Details page and in the eWay Add-on default Payment type

5. With eWay showing as the Payment Method selected, you can now select 'Add Payment'
Important:  If eWay is not showing as the Payment method selected, the eWay process will not commence (ie you will not be able to enter the credit card details).

6.  The Payment capture form from eWay will Open
Part 1 - enter the credit details in the boxes presented

  • Card Name

  • Card Number

  • Card Expiry Month

  • Card Expiry Year

  • Card CVN

If you have set-up a surcharge fee, the % will show on this screen and alter the amount owing.  Note:  If you charge a surcharge then you need to ensure the customer is aware of it and covered in your payment terms.

Part 2:  Click PAY NOW.

7.  You will be presented with a Payment Details.

  • Payment Status

  • Payment Details

  • Amount Owing

Next steps:  Actions you can perform from here (depending on your workflow)

  • Close

  • PDF 

  • Sign - capture digital signature

  • eMail - to the customer

If you need to process a refund to the customer, please refer to the eWay Help documentation as this process is facilitated in the eWay portal (which can only be done by the eWay account holder - likely a Scheduler).

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