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Quotient App integration setup

Advanced quoting workflow with the Quotient App integration

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Take your quotes to a new level with the Quotient App integration. Quotient delivers fantastic looking quotes every time with the very best possible customer experience. Create, send, interact with your customer and accept quotes online. 

Please note that while the integration is free for all FieldInsight users, you need a licence to use Quotient to create your quotes. Learn more about Quotient here

Setup the integration

  1. In FieldInsight Open the Add-ons tab in Settings

  2. Click to enable Quotient

  3. In the pop up copy the Webhook url. Do not share this URL with anyone as it can be used to add quotes to your system. 

  4. Select your default items type - this is where new items created in Quotient are added in FieldInsight.  For example if you create an item with a new item code in Quotient this item will be added as a product in your inventory if you select product as your default item type. Existing items will not be changed or updated  when used in Quotient.

4. Open Quotient and login
5. In the dropdown menu select settings
6. Under add-ons select show more Add-ons and click on webhooks
7. Past the URL under Your webhooks URL

8. Under Events Available, click to enable Quotes Accepted

What's next

Read about the quoting workflow using Quotient and FieldInsight. 

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