You can edit the Description for the Job Status's that display in the Workflow Guide / Cheat Sheet.

Step 1:  Open the Job navigator from the menu on the left

Or click on the Cog Button → Settings→ Workflows (at the top of the page).

Step 2:   From the workflow drop-down select a workflow the status you want to edit belongs to.

If you have your job statuses setup that do not have a workflow they will appear under Unassigned.

Step 3:  Open the job status by clicking on it

Step 4:  If the Job Status relates the Technician, please complete 1a and 1b

Step 5:  If the Job Status relates to the Scheduler, please complete 2a

Step 6:  Click Save to commit the changes

Step 7:  Now you can check the updated job status description from the Workflow tab or from the Navigator menu on the left hand side:


If you have configured Triggered messages on Job Status change, these will automatically get picked up in the Workflow Guide.

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