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View Customer Notes and Activity at a Glance
View Customer Notes and Activity at a Glance

Single place to see the Job/Tech Notes and activity for the Site Customer you can also add atomic notes for the site

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See all customer activity and add notes from calls and conversations that you have with the customer. Being able to access a recent history of activity/communications for a customer helps to:

  • understand what has recently occurred for the customer (invoice, job note etc)

  • recall the last activity done if the customer is calling after a period of time 

  • add notes form calls and conversation that you have had with the customer

The Customer Activity is available via the Site Customer record on the site page, or job page in the right hand panel. This is useful when scheduling a job as the scheduler can see the previous notes for the site

Add a note

You can add a not to the site on the job page or Sit (customer) page. Click on the add note link

In the popup, type your notes and select the comment type from the dropdown

The notes appear in date order - latest at the top, and shows

  • Who added the note

  • When the note was added

  • What type of note it is

  • And the Message

Review the How To video below

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