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Customise the follow-up report
Customise the follow-up report

Advanced setup: learn how to customise the follow up report

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  1. Click on the down arrow to the far right in the top navigation. Select Settings and select the Misc tab

2. Scroll down to the follow up report section

2. Select your Followup Report default status

  • Choose the default job status that you use for jobs that you want to follow up.

    For example, Incomplete.

3. Select your delta times units, hours or days

  • Select the time frame that is most suitable for your business. Do you consider a job overdue after a few hours or days?

3. Select the Follow-up report timeliness 

  • Choose your colours and time delta (hours or days as per selection in step 3)

  • Delete colours by clicking delete next to the colour that you want to remove

  • Add more colours by clicking add new field

Manually adding columns to the report using placeholders

The Follow Up report CSV is defaulted and fixed to the 10 columns included in the CSV download.

The default columns included in the report are the following:

Number, Title, Account customer, Site Address, Customer Name, Customer Owner, Planned Date, Delta

Note: It's not possible to customise this report to add additional columns to the CSV download file



Account customer

Site Address

Customer Name

Customer Owner

Planned Date



Job type

There's a workaround available where we could manually compile the placeholders by typing them in the Columns field and it will create a CSV with all of those columns (placeholders) however, they're not in a column-separated format. Please see attached screenshots for reference on what it looks like.

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