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Adding and editing regions
Adding and editing regions

How to add and edit regions in FieldInsight as a scheduler

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FieldInsight as a regions functionality. Regions allow you to group suburbs/areas together and allocate staff to it. Eg Western, Eastern, Northern, CBD, Southern.

This works really well if you have staff that live all over the city and makes sense from an allocation perspective not to send a tech from the west all the way to the outer east if you have a tech whom lives in that area.

To add regions

  1. Navigate to Settings

2. Type a name for your region and click add

3. Type in a post code and click add to add a suburb to your region

4. You can also add areas by clicking on the map

5. The region is automatically saved, to add a second region.

6. To edit an existing region, click on the region name in the list and edit the areas by adding postcodes or clicking on the map as in step 3 and 4.

You can now add staff to the appropriate region via the staff tab.

Select the staff you wish to add to the region

Remember to click on save at the bottom of the page

When entering in a job for a customer

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