This help document is to help you get the FieldInsight webApp, save and bookmark on your Apple device

Please note: Apple have removed the ability to save a WebApp on to your home screen via Chrome. You will need to open FieldInsignt via Safari or Firefox to save the webApp to your home screen. Please see separate help document for chrome users

On your Apple device.

1. Open: in Firefox or Safari.

  • Login with your username and password

  • Check the remember me to be logged in automatically

2. When you can see your jobs, you will need to bookmark the page. Click on the More icon.

  • Click on Add to Home Screen

Please note: Make sure that you bookmark the page after you login - the page that shows your jobs and not the login page. If you bookmark the login page you will not be logged in automatically.

3. Click Add on the top right

You have now added the WebApp to your home screen.

4. To access the app like any other app on your phone, scroll to where the App icon has been saved on your device.

Click on the App and you will be automatically taken to your jobs.

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