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How do I automatically send triggered emails when a job set to a particular status?
How do I automatically send triggered emails when a job set to a particular status?

With the power of automation FieldInsight can send triggered emails on status changes.

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To create a tiggered message is easy and can save you a lot of time. You can set up a email to be sent with attachments (Invoice, Quote, Report, SWMS)

I am going to run you through how to set up to automatically send an email with an invoice on a status change.

Pick the status you want to use.

Or create a new one. I am going to create a new status called "Invoiced and email sent to customer"

If you are going to pick am existing status, you can skip this bit and scroll to Email & SMS.

Navigate to settings

Click the job details tab and type in your new status name

Add in the steps that need to be taken by the admin staff when this status is selected.

Then save the new status.

Pick a new colour for the status, remember to click save.

Now that you have create your new status or if you are using an existing one it is time to set up the automation.

Please note: once the automation is set up it will activate each time you change a job to that status.

Create a triggered email by opening your account 'Settings' and clicking the 'Email & SMS' tab.

Select 'Triggered emails'

You will be presented with this box

Lets go though the sections one by one

Enter in the subject of your email.

Select who sends the email

Select what the message was triggered by.

Select the Status you wish to trigger the email from

If you want to include a specific job type you can. But as my example is for an invoice. I will leave this blank as I want to invoice everything!

Select the recipients that will receive this invoice

Type in the text you want for the email

Click that you want to Create and attach invoice. ( if you were doing this for a quote or report - you would tick the appropriate one)

Select a Quote template if you have multiple

Select of you want to create a new document - and hit save!

You have just set up an amazing time saving automation!

Repeat the process for automating your quotes and reports as well

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