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Exporting Invoices to Xero

Export FieldInsight invoices to online Xero accounting software.

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Integration Overview

If you have a Xero account, you can export FieldInsight invoices and purchase orders to track payments and help manage incoming and outgoing payments. FieldInsight connects to the 'Invoices' and 'Purchase Orders' sections of your Xero account. Integrating will allow you to manage invoices and purchase orders through the Xero platform.

One important thing to note: stay logged into your Xero account in your browser! This helps to make sure information in transferred between both platforms.

1. Exporting Invoices

From your account dashboard, click 'Sales'. Here you'll see a list of your Invoices, Quotes, Purchase Orders.

Locate the Invoice and click on the little dropdown menu then click 'Export to Xero'.

2. Log in to your Xero Account

Once you log into your Xero account, you'll be asked to allow FieldInsight to access your Xero account data. Click the 'Allow Access' button (you'll need to do this twice if you want to export Invoices and Purchase Orders from FieldInsight).

That completes the connection between your FieldInsight and Xero accounts. The app will redirect you back to FieldInsight where you can continue editing your account.

Xero will import all of the invoices and purchase orders from FieldInsight after you allow access.

If you have the 'Invoices owed to you' module in your Xero account dashboard, you'll see the invoices that were imported from FieldInsight.

3. Using the Integration: Exporting as Necessary

When new invoices or purchase orders are created in FieldInsight, open the 'Sales' tab and go to 'Invoices'  depending on what you want to transfer to Xero.

Because your accounts are already connected, importing new invoices  is as simple as checking the box beside the invoice or order you want to import, and clicking the 'More' then 'Export to Xero' button.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many invoices  can I export to Xero?

When you first export your FieldInsight data to Xero, you can transfer 200 invoices and 400 purchase orders.

2. How do I get new invoices into Xero?

First, make sure you're logged into your Xero account in your browser. When a new invoice or purchase order is added to FieldInsight, check the box beside the new entry and click 'Export' above the list of invoices or orders.

From the drop-down menu that appears, click 'Selected'. Then click 'Export to XERO'. Because you've already connected your Xero account to FieldInsight, the data will be transferred automatically.

3. Where can I find more information about Xero?

Check out the Xero website, here:

What's Next?

You can process payments against the invoice directly within FieldInsight (via eWay and/or other methods) and pass a paid invoice across to Xero.  Click here to view the Help article on 'How to take payments in the Field'.

Or, navigate to your Xero account to manage your invoices: send notices to clients, accept payments with credit cards, debit cards or PayPal, and set up payment reminders for customers.

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