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Custom Fields how to create and edit options
Custom Fields how to create and edit options

Custom fields can be added for Jobs, Account Customers, Site Customers, Suppliers, Technicians, Units and assets

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A custom field is a type of field that you can create and customise to your needs in addition to the system fields already included in FieldInsight. These fields will be unique to your business workflow and can be created in different forms for many different purposes. 

For example, if some of your customers have a special account type, you might want to add a Custom Field to Account Customers and Customers that is called 'Account Type'. It could be a drop down list with your account types. Whenever you or an admin on your account is editing or adding a customer, they will see the Account Type field and can add or edit a choice as necessary.

Custom Fields can have various formats

How to create or edit a custom fields

All custom fields can be found in Settings - Custom fields. Click add under the type of custom filed you want to add, or to edit and existing custom field click on the links under the filed.

Navigate to the Section where you want to add a field - Jobs, Account Customers, Site Customers, Suppliers, Technicians, Units or assets and click the Add button.

You can also edit an existing custom fileds using the links under the field

Depending on which the section you picked, you'll have to fill out some information. For all sections, you need to enter a field name. This is the name that shows up when editing or creating the information.

You'll also need to choose the type of field. This will control how information is entered in the field. If you choose 'text area' for the field type, a scheduler or admin user will be able to type any information in the field, which could include text and numbers.

If you choose 'phone number' as the field type, the field will only take a phone number.

Mandatory Job and Customer Custom Fields

For custom job and / or customer fields, you have the option to make the field mandatory for Technicians.

Let's say you want all technicians to leave a reason if a job status is changed to 'Incomplete'. You can create a custom text area field called 'Status Change Reason', and set the field as mandatory for the 'Incomplete' job status.

Setting a custom field as 'mandatory' if the status of the job is set to 'Incomplete'.

Splitting a Job and custom fields

When a job is split, the custom field can be set to be cleared or to keep the answer. So if you have a custom field that your workers only need to answer once for a site, you might want to check this box to keep the answer for the second job visit. But if you want your workers to answer this question on every visit, such as Have you locked up all the equipment? you can leave this unchecked so your workers have to answers this for every visit. 

You can also use this in combination with the mandatory setting to make a filed cleared on split and mandatory.

Field Type: Drop Down List

Examples of a drop down list field type is a field like 'Payment method'. The options under this heading are 'Account', 'CreditCard', 'Cash' and 'Cheque'.

If the type of field you want to add is a drop-down list, you'll have to add options to the list that can be chosen from when the field is being edited.

Click 'Add new field' on a custom drop down list field.

Once saved, you'll see the new field added under the section heading you chose. Another box will display with the name of your new field. Here you can add the items that will go in your drop-down list.

If you don't see the new field box show up, click 'Edit options' under the new drop-down field you created.

Editing a Custom Field

  • Navigate to the Custom Field Tab in Settings.

  • Select 'Edit field' for the Custom Field you want to change.

  • Click Save when finished

Editing Drop-Down Options in other Default Fields

Instead of adding a new field you may want to add or edit options in fields that are already in your account.

For example, if you're creating a new job, you can choose 'Installation', 'Repairs', 'Maintenance' and 'Removal' as the job type.

However, your company might offer other types of jobs, such as troubleshooting, support or delivery.

You can add these job types in FieldInsight in the 'Job details' tab in your account settings.

The Job details screen. Access this by opening your account Settings.

In the Job details page, you can also remove any default fields under Job Types, Job Statuses, Payment Method and Customer Source.

Here's an example of how the 'Job Types' field could be updated with new choices in the drop-down menu.

'Diagnosis' and 'Follow-Up' have been added to the list of Job Types.

What's Next?

There are many customizations you can make to your Scheduleflow account, like uploading your logo for invoices and reports or creating templates for emails, text messages and invoices.

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