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Service Reports: Creating and Customising
Service Reports: Creating and Customising

Here's how to upload a logo and make other customisations to reports you can send customers.

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To customise service reports for your account, go to 'Settings', click 'Templates' and select the 'Reports' heading.

Upload your logo and Other Customisations

On this page, you can make many updates: change the title of the report, update the address and report number, and update the options under 'Inventory'. Once you've finished creating the template, click the blue 'Save' button.

Underneath the template editor is a list of placeholders you can use for the template. The app will replace whatever placeholder you use with the content from your account (ie. {customer-first-name} will be replaced with your customer's first name).

Creating and Sending Reports

To create a new report for a job, open the job and the 'Reports' section at the bottom of the page.

Click the '+ New Report' button and FieldInsight will automatically create and attach the report to the job.

On the next page, you can update the report status and date. You can also update internal notes, and include any notes that should go to the customer. Select the report template that you created.

At the bottom of the page you can download the report and email it to the customer. Once the report is sent, the checkbox under 'Sent' in the Report Details section will be checked.

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